Water & Sewer

The City of Scottville provides water and sewer service for city residents and businesses. Water meters are read monthly. Bills are officially due on the 1st of each month, with a grace period ending on the 5th. Any account paid after the grace period is charged a 10% penalty on the remaining balance due.

You may pay your water bill in person at Scottville City Hall or you may mail it:

City of Scottville
105 Main St.
Scottville, MI 49454

For your convenience, a drop box for water bills is located next to the front door.



For a complete list of rates, including scheduled turn offs, emergency turnoffs, delinquent accounts and final readings, please see the Updated Water On/Off Rates.

Paperless Billing and Auto Debiting

If you prefer to have your water bill emailed to you, you may opt in by completing the Paperless Billing form below. If you wish to have your water bill auto debited from your bank account each month, you may also opt in to that service by completing the Auto Debit form below. Contact Scottville City Hall with any questions: (231) 757-4729.

Paperless Billing Form (PDF)

Auto Debit Form (PDF)

For Renters

If you plan to rent a house in within the city or purchase a home on a land contract, a deposit of $300.00 is required before the account can be put in your name. When moving out of the house, you should notify us so we can take a final water reading. The final bill will be deducted from your deposit and the balance remitted to you if there is a balance due you.