Welcome to Scottville, Michigan!

Scottville’s recorded history began in 1874 when the town was mapped as a station on the Pere Marquette’s Railroad. It was first called Mason Center because of its location in the county. Later, it was renamed Sweetland, after James Sweetland, who built a sawmill here in 1878. Sweetland sold the mill a year later to Hiram Scott. Scott officially platted the land in 1882 and named it after himself. It was incorporated as a village in 1889 and as a city in 1907. Today, Scottville remains the agricultural center of Mason County.

Announcements and Public Notice

There will be changes to the Recycling Program starting in August.  For a copy of acceptable items to recycle please go to the Bulletin Board Page and click on the Recycling Link.

Also, starting in August residents can have a trash cart rather than using city trash bags.  You must come into City Hall to sign up for the trash cart.  The cost is $17 per month and will be billed on your water bill.  This is a voluntary program and those wishing to continue to use city bags are welcome to do so.

We want to thank the Mason County Community Foundation for awarding the Scottville Police Department a $3,000 grant which allowed them to purchase an in car computer for the police cruiser.  This computer allows our officers to complete their reports and run information while staying out of the streets protecting our citizens.  This project may not have been possible without the support of the Mason County Community Foundation.

  • We are happy to announce that we now offer the Big Red Barrel here at City Hall.  This barrel is used to deposit medications that are no longer needed or outdated.  We just ask that you place the pills in a sealed Ziploc bag.  If you have liquids or creams we ask that those too be placed in Ziploc bags, however, please add paper towels to the bag to soak up the liquids.  We cannot accept needles or aerosol containers.
  • We would like to remind everyone that the blue 96 gallon recycling containers are just for recyclables.  We have received complaints from the Waste Hauler that some residents are placing trash in the containers underneath the recycling.  They are checking for this and continued misuse of the containers will result in them being taken away.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping with the recycling efforts.
  • We are happy to announce that we now accept credit & debit cards for payment on water bills, taxes, garbage bags, Riverside Park & other misc. items. The company that processes these cards charges a fee to use the service, but that is paid directly to them through the card and in no way comes back to the city.
  • We just want to remind everyone that you can place one bulky item to the curb on the 1st Tuesday of each month. Examples of items would be: mattress, table, chair, couch, vacuum, microwave, tv, etc. You cannot use a black or other color garbage bag as your 1 item. If you have any questions, please call city hall.