The City of Scottville has ordinances, or local laws, put in place to serve the community at large and make the city a safe and hospitable place to live, work, and visit. Below you’ll find links to the complete City of Scottville Code or Ordinances as well as quick links commonly referenced ordinances.

New, Seasonal, and Commonly Referenced Ordinances:

  • Fire Pit Ordinance
  • Fireworks Ordinance
  • Grass / Weed Control Ordinance
  • Snowmobile Use
  • Snow Removal/Parking
  • Marihuana Ordinance 22-01
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Premises Identifiction Policy
  • Refuse & Recycling bins may be placed on curb no earlier than 5 pm Monday evening, and no later than 7 am Tuesday morning.  Furthermore, they will need to be pulled back in no later than 6 pm Tuesday evening. We  understand these time frames do not mesh with everyone’s schedule, and are willing to work with residents who have a legit schedule conflict/no other options. This ordinance revision is meant not to be a burden, but to set clearer standards on cleanliness expectations within city limits.
  • One bulky item may be placed on the curb no earlier than 5 pm Monday on the 1st Tuesday of each month FREE OF CHARGE!  Examples of items would be: mattress, table, chair, couch, vacuum, microwave, tv, etc. You cannot use a black or other color garbage bag as your 1 item. If you have any questions, please call city hall.
  • In accordance with the International Property Maintenance Code all buildings in the city must be properly addressed in such a way as to be plainly visible and legible from the street or road fronting the property.