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Disposing of large items with curbside pickup

For anyone wishing to get rid of large items on trash collection days, you may purchase a tag at Scottville City Hall for $17. On the first Tuesday of every month you may dispose of one large item for free, so the tags can be used for additional items or on other trash collection days during the month.

Examples of large items appropriate for pickup include: mattress, table, chair, couch, vacuum, microwave, television, etc. Any item containing freon is not eligible for the free program. Additionally, you cannot use a garbage bag as your one bulk item.

Please note that in accordance to our refuse collection ordinance, large items, refuse, and recycling bins may be placed on curb no earlier than 5pm Monday evening, and no later than 7am Tuesday morning. Furthermore, they will need to be pulled back in no later than 6pm Tuesday evening.

We understand these time frames do not mesh with everyone’s schedule and are willing to work with residents who have a legitimate schedule conflict and no other options. This ordinance revision is meant not to be a burden, but to set clearer standards on cleanliness expectations within city limits.

For more information about the City’s disposal services, please visit our Refuse & Recycling page.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact City Hall(231) 757-4729.